The Watch

Being a complete listing of all Watchmen mentioned by name throughout any and all of the Discworld books, except The Truth, and I will add them in when I next get round to reading it. I'm pretty sure I haven't missed any from the other books, because people email me when I do and I haven't had any emails about it for a little while.

The Watch had approximately 60 members, as of The Fifth Elephant.

Andre Angua Bauxite Bluejohn Carrot Chert
Coalface Colon Cuddy Curry Cumberbatch Detritus
Dorfl Doxie Downspout Edge Flint Gaskin
Gimletsson Glodsnephew Hacknee Hummock Igor Lewton
Librarian Littlebottom Lucker Maltoon Maroon Mor(r)aine
Muldoon Nobbs Pediment Ping Pyjama Quirke
Rodney Scurrick Shoe Skulldrinker Slapper Smite
Stronginthearm Swires Thighbiter Vimes Visit


human dwarf troll undead other
Human Dwarf Troll Undead Other

Guards! Guards! = GG / Men at Arms = MAA / Feet of Clay = FOC / Jingo = J / The Fifth Elephant = T5E / The Truth = TT
If in italics, the book title refers to the first appearance of that character and indicates further appearances in subsequent novels

human Andre is a member of the Cable Street Particulars, assigned to find out who was responsible for all the dead bodies dropping like flies out of the flies in the Ankh-Morpork Opera House. He also plays the piano quite well. (Maskerade) Top

undeadSergeant (Delphine) Angua von Uberwald is a werewolf, and was recruited as a result of the 'affirmative action hiring procedure' started by Lord Vetinari after it looked as if the Watch was getting too popular, along with Detritus and Cuddy. She has since formed what the Discworld Companion calls a 'liaison' with Captain Carrot and gets on reasonably well with everyone else, and is particularly good friends with Corporal Littlebottom. (MAA) Top

TROLLLance-Constable Bauxite was recruited into the Ankh-Morpork City Militia during the 'irretrievable breakdown of law and order' following the use of the Gonne. Whether he remained in the Watch is unclear. (MAA) Top

trollLance-Constable Bluejohn was also recruited into the City Militia, along with Bauxite, and is still a member of the Watch during the events of The Fifth Elephant. (MAA, T5E) Top

trollConstable Chert clamped, and later unclamped, the delivery cart outside All Jolson's restaurant. (T5E) Top

trollLance-Constable Coalface was initially arrested for the murder of Bjorn Hammerhock (by the Day Watch), and then conscripted into the Ankh-Morpork City Militia by Detritus. (MAA) Top

humanSergeant Frederick Colon has been a member of the City Watch for nearly thirty years. He is aged around sixty, and had been intending to retire to the country, but never really got round to it. He has probably been in the Watch longer than anyone else; he is also the only one to never really adapt to its changing nature, and often thinks of the days when it was just him, Nobby and Captain Vimes. It is reasonable to suspect that he was also the Sergeant mentioned in The Colour of Magic. (GG)Top

dwarfConstable Cuddy was recruited as a result of the Patrician's 'Equal Opportunities' hiring procedure, along with Angua and Detritus. He got on quite well with Detritus until his tragic death caused by falling off the Tower of Art in the line of duty. (MAA) Top

humanLance-Constable Silas Cumberbatch is the former town crier, who joined the City Militia that Carrot formed following the irretrievable breakdown of law and order in Men At Arms. (MAA) Top

humanCorporal Curry died at some point before Guards! Guards!. His daughter Annabel goes to the Spiteful Sisters of Seven-Handed Sek Charity School. (mentioned in MAA) Top

trollSergeant Detritus was recruited to represent an ethnic minority in the Watch, along with Cuddy and Angua. He has since risen up the ranks with the speed of Captain Carrot, becoming a Sergeant in two years. He has an unusual approach to questioning, usually along the lines of, "It was you what done it wasn't it, own up," and can go on patiently asking for hours until the questionee gives in. The only thing that will defeat him is an outright denial. Detritus has shown himself to be a trustworthy officer, and can be quite intelligent, particularly when the temperature is below five degrees. (MAA) Top

otherLance-Constable Dorfl is the golem who Carrot 'gave to himself', and who then decided to join the Watch. He is loyal, very strong and fireproof - a feature that is very handy, particularly as he is an atheist. (FOC) Top

gargoyleConstable Downspout is a gargoyle, a watchman whose job it is to watch, something Downspout has really got the hang of. His talents include sitting still, standing still, and not moving, and nearly all his desires in life include pigeons, in which he is paid. (FOC, J) Top

humanCaptain Doxie was Captain of the City Guard during Reaper Man. He was summoned to the Palace to try and explain the mysterious events of the book. He was unable to do so. Top

humanSergeant Edge trained under Vimes, but is now a member of the Sto Lat Watch. (T5E) Top

trollConstable Flint was on guard in the room on one side of the Patrician during the unfortunate arsenic incident. He apparently took up a post in the Watch after his career in moving pictures ended so suddenly. He also momentarily halted the practice of ascertaining what a substance is by dipping a finger in it and then gingerly tasting it; he tried this on a blackmarket consignment of ammonium chloride cut with radium, and then had to spend three days tied to his bed until the spiders went away. (FOC) Top

humanHerbert 'Leggy' Gaskin was a member of the Watch who died shortly before the start of Guards! Guards!. His widow still lives in Mincing Street. (Mentioned in GG, MAA) Top

dwarfConstable Gimletsson was guarding the Patrician after he was poisoned - he was patrolling the corridor outside his room. (FOC) Top

dwarfConstable Glodsnephew was also guarding the Patrician, but he was on the floor below. (FOC) Top

dwarfConstable Hacknee was fined half a dollar for mumping, by Acting-Captain Colon. (T5E) Top

humanSergeant Hummock was in charge of the day squad who were to line the route during the coronation of the new king, after the 'slaying' of the dragon. (GG) Top

humanIgor is from Uberwald and was recruited into the Watch during The Fifth Elephant. His skills as a surgeon are often useful in the busy day-to-day life of the Watch. (T5E, TT) Top

dwarfCaptain Carrot Ironfoundersson is technically a dwarf, apart from the small fact of being nearly two metres tall. He was adopted by dwarfs when he was found near their mine as a small child, and was sent to the Ankh-Morpork Watch to have a Man made of him. In that respect, it was certainly a success. He is also quite probably the King of Ankh - he has an old sword, a birthmark shaped like a crown, and heaps of humancharisma. It has been hinted, however, that he may have disposed of any written evidence to that fact - perhaps a King who is truly good is the scariest ruler of all. That aside, he is honest, kind, caring, incredibly simple whilst also being very intelligent, and has an incredible memory for names. Everyone knows Captain Carrot, everyone likes Captain Carrot, and everyone respects Captain Carrot. That and the fact that his girlfriend is a werewolf means that he can do pretty well what he likes -  but he's just too nice for that. It would be very annoying, if the man wasn't so likable. (GG) Top

humanLewton was thrown out of the Watch for taking a bribe. He has since become the Disc's first private detective. He was presumably in the Watch prior to Guards! Guards!, since he didn't know of Vimes's marriage. (Discworld Noir) Top

otherSpecial Constable Librarian (Special Ape Services) joined the Watch during Guards! Guards! and has presumably never left - certainly, he still has his badge in Jingo. He originally went into the Watch House to report the theft of a book from the library at UU. As Commander Vimes said at the time, he's not so much 'special' as unique. Top

dwarfCorporal Cheery (or Cheri) Littlebottom is the complete Watch Forensics Department. She is the first female dwarf to make a point of her femaleness, to the disgust of all the other dwarfs, and Captain Carrot. She is friendly and hardworking, and a dab hand at detecting arsenic. She is friends with Sergeant Angua. (FOC) Top

humanConstable Lucker lent Vimes his boots outside the Patrician's palace, shortly before the Commander chased a golem through the city. (FOC) Top

humanSkully Maltoon was the younger of the two guards sent to deliver a proclamation to the Night Watch. He used to live in Mincing Street - his mother used to make cough sweets, until she fell into the mixture and died. He knows Nobby. Maltoon and Muldoon may be the same person. (GG) Top

humanSergeant Maroon died at some point before the start of Guards! Guards!. His widow sells coal.(Mentioned in MAA) Top

trollConstable Mor(r)aine was guarding the Patrician after he was poisoned, which is indeed a change after spending all that time as a balrog. (FOC) Top

humanSergeant Skully Muldoon is a member of the Day Watch. He went to the Night Watchhouse to try to get the off-duty Night Watch to help him in the 'ethnic trouble' caused by the usage of the gonne, but more directly by the wrongful arrest of Coalface the troll. Maltoon and Muldoon may be the same person.(MAA) Top

humanCorporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John Nobbs is probably human. He was the third original member of the Watch at the start of Guards! Guards!, and has adapted well to the changing nature of the Watch. He is a man of many parts - he does folk dancing, and is a member of the Peeled Nuts (Ankh-Morpork Civil War Reconstruction Society). Apart from that, he's just Nobby, and thats all that can be said. (GG)Top

gargoyleConstable Pediment was the second gargoyle to join the Watch. (J) Top

humanConstable Ping is a man of the Watch by the time of The Fifth Elephant. 'Ping' is apparently a dialect word meaning 'watermeadow'. (T5E) Top

dwarfLance-Constable Hrolf Pyjama is a dwarf who decided to join the Ankh-Morpork City Militia. (MAA) Top

humanCaptain (Mayonnaise) Quirke was the Captain of the Day Watch before the two Watches were combined to form the City Watch. He was called Mayonnaise because he is thick, rich and oily, and smells faintly of eggs - he doesn't have the imagination to be a bad man, but instead deals in the type of generalised unpleasantness that slightly tarnishes the soul of all who come into contact with it. (MAA)Top

gnomeRodney is the occupant of the city's first speed camera. If a cart travels between two lines on Brass Bridge in less than a minute, he paints a picture of the driver or the cart licence number so the Watch can fine them. (T5E) Top

humanScurrick died at some point before Guards! Guards!. His widow lives in Treacle Street and takes in laundry. (Mentioned in MAA) Top

undead.gifConstable Reg Shoe is the zombie who originally ran the Fresh Start Club (RM). Apparently he came round to the Watchhouse to complain about Watchmen harassing some bogeymen, and was persuaded by Carrot that what the Watch really needed was some expertise. Since he joined up there have been twice as many complaints, all from the undead, and all against Mr Shoe. (J) Top

dwarfLars Skulldrinker is a female dwarf identified by Angua, who Carrot at least believed to be male. (FOC) Top

humanConstable Slapper was one of the first officers to the palace after Vimes discovered that Vetinari had been poisoned. (FOC) Top

humanConstable Smite-The-Unbeliever-With-Cunning-Arguments is an Omnian, and friend and colleague of Constable Visit.(FOC) Top

dwarfLance-Constable Abba Stronginthearm was a member of the city militia in Men at Arms. During Jingo, a Corporal Stronginthearm was the second most senior corporal in the Watch, and during The Fifth Elephant there was a Sergeant Stronginthearm. Stronginthearm is a common dwarf name, however, so it is not necessarily the same person. Top

gnomeConstable Buggy Swires is probably the first gnome Watchman (it all depends on whether you count Nobby or not). He is five inches tall, and is attached to the Chitterling Street Station. (J, TFE) Top

dwarfConstable (Hrolf?) Thighbiter was in the Bucket in Gleam Street when three thieves who were new in town decided to rob it. He owed Mr Cheese $2.30p. He also found the replica Scone of Stone after it had been abandoned by those who stole it from the Dwarf Bread Museum. If his forename is indeed Hrolf, he is also the dwarf who asked out Cheery, and is almost certainly male. (FOC, T5E) Top

humanHis Grace the Duke of Ankh, Commander Sir Samuel Vimes was first seen lying in a gutter at the start of Guards! Guards!. Since then, Sam Vimes's fortunes have changed dramatically. He started out a lonely drunkard, in charge of a Watch that most people pretended didn't exist. Now he is married to the richest woman in Ankh-Morpork, holds a position of influence in the city, and has just been proclaimed a Duke by the Patrician. Despite despising dwarfs, trolls, Assassins, monarchy, the Patrician and the undead, Vimes is generally fair in his policing - and he always gets his man, woman or golem, even if it sometimes takes a while. He is respected by all the Watchmen, and has a rare talent for upsetting important people, which is perhaps why Vetinari likes him so much. (GG) Top

humanConstable Visit-the-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets is an Omnian. As his name suggests, he is constantly trying to convert his colleagues, and indeed anyone who will stand still for longer than a few seconds, often by giving them leaflets - he even owns his own printing press. Underneath all this he may be a nice enough young man, but no-one can be bothered to take the time to find out. (FOC) Top