Men at Arms

Section A

Some nice easy questions to start with.

1. What is Carrot's surname?

2. What previous book has Gaspode had a major role in?

3. What is the name of the clown on doorkeeping duty at the Fool's Guild?

4. What is the name of Lady Ramkin's butler?

Section B

Complete the sentences. An extra mark for each one if you can also say who said each quotation.

1. 'If he lays a finger on either of 'em, with all their friends watching, the plan is......'

2. My name's Angua......'

3. '......and a Slow Comfortable Double-Entendre......'

4. 'You know what you should do with a coat like that......'

5. 'I don't think he's been drinking on an empty stomach......'

6. 'Pride's all right, but a sausage......'

7. 'Have to report damage to breastplate but not to backplate on account of fortunately......'

Section C

OK so far? Then let's try some really tricky questions......

1. Which member of the Watch got shot at the most?

2. What are the dimensions of the trout lake at the Patrician's Palace?

3. What are the names of the two trolls who work in the City Armoury?

4. Where is the Fire Engine from?

5. What is an iron ball with spikes on?

6. Also, what is it not?

7. List the four named tenants of Mrs Cake's.

8. What name is Gaspode given at the end of the book?