Section A: True or False

1. Nubilia is a country in Klatch.

2. Gorif has two children.

3. Silver is immediately fatal to a werewolf.

4. Most of the tiles on Leshp show octopussies.

5. Curious Squid has a delicious taste.

Section B

Complete the quotes, and say who said them.

1. My goodness me, a walking...'

2. 'Corporal Angua was so shocked...'

3. How may I be of assistance, Captain...'

Section C

A respite of slightly easier things. Simply decide who said each sentence.

1. 'I dunno. I've only been a woman ten minutes and already I hate you male bastards.'

2. 'If we succeed no one will remember. And if we fail, no one will forget!'

3. 'We're all someone's dog.'

4. 'You know where the chicken is all right.'

5. 'Then, by jingo! Alone!'