Guards! Guards!

Section A: True or False

1. Carrot is sixteen years old.

2. The motto of the Watch is 'Fabricati Diem, Punc'.

3. A fune is a type of geranium.

4. Sgt .Colon and his wife went on holiday to Quirm this year.


1. What is unique about the door of the dungeon in which first the Patrician, then Vimes were thrown?

2. What is a figgin?

3. What is the title of the book Lord Vetinari was reading in the dungeon?

4. What role does Carrot's adoptive father have in the dwarf mine?

5. In what shape is Carrot's birthmark?

6. What probability is the same as definite?

7. What part of a dragon must you hit to kill it?

8. What are the Latatian names for the two types of dragon?