The Watch House

OK. So I redrew the plan because it didn't work. And then I bought a copy of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch Diary 1999 and, on the last page, it has one of those lovely pencil sketches by Paul Kidby. Of the Watchhouse. So I had to redraw the thing again. This is now the third plan I have drawn. Hopefully I won't have to redraw it again. The reason the building has curved walls is because it is that shape on 'The Streets Of Ankh-Morpork'. I'd love to meet the clever person who thought, 'Hey, semi-circular, now there's a good shape for a building,' preferably whilst carrying something heavy.

Floorplan of the Watchhouse Key:

First Floor

1. Pigeon loft
2. Carrot's room
3. Vimes's office
4. Open area
5. Stairs down to ground floor
6. Stairs up to second floor
7. Back stairs down to ground floor
8. Coach Yard

Ground Floor

1. Pigeon loft
2. Main office
3. Locker room
4. Canteen
5. Littlebottom's office
6. Cells 1-6
7. Coach Yard
8. Stairs up to first floor
9. Stairs down to basement
10. Back stairs up to first floor
11/12. Front desks

Post Script:

This plan was drawn up by me and me alone. I think its fairly accurate, but I'm open to constructive criticism - if you think part of it is wrong, and can cite a reference from a Discworld novel, then please do email me or sign my guestbook (link on the main page). The list of references I drew up are listed here so that if you wish you can draw your own and compare them to mine. My brother did this and it was pretty similar to mine. There are, it appears, at least two solutions to the Carrot's room/Vimes' office/stairs/desk problem, but I think my one is best. I'd also like to say that this is just *my* solution - all plans are valid - this probably isn't the way things are, but it's one of the ways they could be.

Watchhouse Plan References

All page numbers are for the Corgi paperback editions

- Carrot's is the first room you reach at the top of the stairs (MAA, p.304, 'Angua bounded up the stairs, and clawed open the nearest door. It was Carrot's bedroom.').

- From Vimes' office it is possible to see the front desk (FOC, p.128, 'Vimes opened his door to see what all the shouting was about down in the office. The corporal manning - or in this case dwarfing - the desk was having trouble.'), although Vimes' office is on the first floor (note the word 'down' above, also numerous references to it being upstairs).

- The Main Office contains benches (FOC), a table to seat at least six (MAA), a stove (GG, MAA, FOC, J), and at least one desk (GG, MAA, FOC, J).

- The stairs are off a corridor (MAA, p.211, ' 'I hate to see him like this,' said Angua, following him into the hallway and up the stairs.')

- Cheery's office is small, and leads off a corridor (FOC, p187, 'Cheery Littlebottom leaned on the corridor wall outside her privy and wheezed.').

- The windows in Carrot's room and Vimes' office both overlook the Yard (MAA p.312-3, 'Sergeant Colon sat on the bench outside the baking air of the Watchhouse......Colon looked up when he heard the tinkle of broken glass. Something golden and indistinct crashed through an upper window,' and MAA p.153-155 - the reference is too long to put here, but basically someone is shooting at Vimes, through his window, from the roof of the Opera House), and the Tower of Art is also visible from Carrot's room (MAA p.312, 'The University's Tower of Art loomed in front of him').

- The front door opens straight into the main office (numerous references)

- This one speaks for itself - MAA, p.155 'Then it was down the back stairs, out the door, over the privy roof, into Knuckle Passage.'

- There are 6 cells (J, p.370, 'And we've only got six cells back at the Yard, and we keep the coal in one of them.'), and there are steps leading down to Cell Three at least (MAA, p.44, '...wandering down the steps to the cells.') but not stairs (J, p.219;' 'There aren't any stairs down to your cells!' 'Stairs can be arranged.' ' Thanks to Alethe Veriti)

- And also, of course, the illustration by Paul Kidby entitled 'Pseudopolis Yard' on the last page (the notes page) of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch Diary 1999.