The Southern Counties of England

BDF - Bedfordshire
BKM - Buckinghamshire
BRK - Berkshire
CAM - Cambridgshire
DOR - Dorsetshire
ESS - Essex
GLS - Gloucestershire
HAM - Hampshire
HRT - Hertfordshire
IOW - Isle of Wight
KEN - Kent
LEI - Leicestershire

Click the county for a parish map or link
(Sussex, East and West Surrey at the moment)

MDX - Middlesex (London)
NTH - Northamptonshire
OXF - Oxfordshire
SFKE - Suffolk East
SFKW - Suffolk West
SRY - Surrey East and Surrey West
SSXE - Sussex East
SSXW - Sussex West
STS - Staffordshire
WAR - Warwickshire
WIL - Wiltshire
WOR - Worcestershire

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Sussex parishes used with permission of the Sussex Family History Group (SFHG)
©SFHG 2002 cartography by Susan Rowland, University of Sussex
East Surrey parishes used with permission of the East Surrey Family History Society (ESFHS)
© East Surrey family History Society 2002
West Surrey parishes used with permission of the West Surrey Family History Society (WSFHS)
© West Surrey Family History Society 2003

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